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Belgian NeuMusik & AntennA Festival present
Sonic Emissions #2

Dreun is all about dreaming. Dreaming of the present, the future and the past, induced by divine musical interferences. Dreun is best listened to on headphones on a low volume while lying in bed...

Oubys is the brain network alternator from Belgium, producing sounds that physically affect your synapses. His music, merging synth sequences with rhythmical patterns, explores the melody of the subconsciousness.

Onsturicheit is Dutch from the dark ages and it means turbulence, noise, wildness, unbridled, etc. And that’s just what it is: Electronic, unpredictable and so never the same. The keywords are soundscapes, samples, sequencers and textures.
Peter got addicted to modular synthesis. With modular synths the sound and the music is always unpredictable.

Ashtoreth is a solo-project in search of a shamanistic perspective, channelling at times minimal, meditative drones with layers of meandering guitars and at others a catharsis of doom, drone,ambient, folk, metal, noise and experimentation. always in a free and improvised form.

Together they weave a web of shamanistic psychedelic dark ambient, guitar-drones interspersed by modular synth-loops, creating a fascinating sound-collage for an outer-body experience.

After several albums and live performances at Alfa Centauri Festival, Jodrell Bank, Krautrock Karnival and the National Space Centre as part of the band Kubusschnitt, Tom Coppens returns to the stage as hyperkube. With "Remnants" he recorded a live album of all new material featuring multilayered melodic sequencing and ambient soundscapes.

Doors 16:30

Entrance 10€ + Free CD

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